MATEXT.STUDIO is the most comprehensive solution we offer. We provide a live working solution enabling you to obtain material photographs with exceptional resolution, which we convert for universal use across all platforms and purposes.

MATEXT. STUDIO offers comprehensive access to our full range of expertise. We've streamlined all our capabilities into a single service, aptly named, to clarify our scope of work. Our workflow allows us to adapt based on client needs and demand, enabling us to cater to CGI studios, photographers, graphic designers, and brands across various industries, from cosmetics to automotive, all while maintaining exceptional quality and our high standards.

Here's an overview of how we operate:

Research & Raw Material

Every project begins with a precise and thorough search for the desired materials. We collaborate with renowned artisans and businesses to find materials perfect for studio work.


The materials are photographed under the best possible studio conditions. We approach this main stage of our process with meticulous care, honoring both the artistic and technical requirements of the client.


We are capable of training our own AI. Secure and compliant with legal standards, our technology allows for the rapid production of high-quality images and variants, up to 16k, in large quantities.


We create the necessary PBR maps for CGI work (including normal, roughness, metal, AO, etc.). Depending on the requirements, the files are delivered with a customized license allowing unlimited use across all platforms.